i'm not letting go of you

because i love you ♡

stephanie ─ 20 ─ new jersey

union j stole my heart, but that's okay i guess they can keep it.

i follow back from xostephh


@georgeujworld: Last day of being 20 😁


@georgeujworld: Last day of being 20 😁

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you're so cute


JJ and Jaymi get sexier and sexier every single day without even trying i can’t deal with this anymore

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truuuueeeest life

This flipping kid…

This flipping kid…

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union j george shelley WHAT A CUTIE make sure you get your booty on TUMBLR im not kiddiiiing

mostlygeorgeuj asked: "#GetStephToTheUK is a thing because we love you, okay? Just go with it and enjoy the love, even if it doesn't work. *hugs* :-) (and no, I didn't start it...blame the girls at unionjworldnews for that. ;-) )"

^.^ trust me I am absolutely enjoying the love, like I seriously adore you guys beyond words, I just literally don’t understand why anybody would even think about it hahahaha like I’m so not worthy of that lol

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Anonymous asked: "If 100 people donated $10 we could fly steph to the uk."


True true but if you gave me that money I could buy a lot of pizza for a massive pizza party (hint hint haha)


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ALSO WOW YOU'D RATHER HAVE PIZZA THAN ME IN THE UK THANKS I'M OFFENDED i'm kidding i love you crazy kids but seriously stop talkin about flying me to the uk ur gonna make me cry

Union J → “Union Jackets” +

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never forget

@iamjamesmcvey: Here’s my version of little things… With George Shelley!

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my god lol remember when he slipped in the shower without any water in it goober

petition for george shelley to pay a lil visit to tumblr on his birthday ♡ 😏

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pleeeeease :3 i have somethin i wanna show you ^.^ and i'm sure i'm not the only one

Anonymous asked: "17"

17. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything? - my fwends ^.^

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