i'm not letting go of you

because i love you ♡

stephanie ─ 20 ─ new jersey

union j stole my heart, but that's okay i guess they can keep it.

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@UnionJworld: DEREK’s HERE!!! #ujfanbus

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okay guys so we find out chart positions on SUNDAY, let’s do one last push for the boys, right? WHO’S WITH ME? CAN I GET A WOOP WOOP? *woop-wooping in the distance* splendid.

don’t forget to (kindly) let people know how they can help the boys!

spread the union j love! 。◠ ‿ ◠。 it’d be so amazing if they got this number 1 cus i really don’t know anybody that deserves it more, but no matter what, we’re all super proud of them ♡

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union j jj hamblett josh cuthbert jaymi hensley george shelley


reasons i love george shelley

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REMEMBER WHEN I WROTE THIS this was what like a year and a half ago? oh my god i need to add onto this list but THERE ARE JUST SO MANY THINGS my feelings for him have not lessened one bit 'he's 19' NINETEEN HOLY FUCK get me out of here i used chocolate as a metaphor THAT IS SO FUCKING FUNNY BECAUSE ... CHOCOLATE oh my god the part about THE SHRINK RAY i'm so weird aw I LOVE HIM SO MUCH



New cover! *:・゚✧  Hiding My Heart by Brandi Carlile ♡ 

hi friends pls watch my knew cover and let me know what you think of it ^.^

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guys i did a thing please watch it please give me feedback i thrive off it


.•*´☆ George Shelley ☆`*•.

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pretty ^.^


i feel like george and harry styles are really, really similar in the way they treat other people


they’re always really nice to everybody and theyve never been really mad at someone and publicly told them off

even when people are being really mean to them they’ve never been mean back

and i think that’s really sweet

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amen see THIS is a comparison i can agree with it's one of the things i admire most in a person probably why they're both my faves


Union J - Behind the Skills: Basketball Trick - Fruit Shoot Skills

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Union J’s George interviewed by blinkbox Music

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BAAAAABEEEEEE he has the biggest smile on his face just the entire time and oh my god i LOVE you i sound like a freak but like i look at him and all i can think is i fucking love you


@georgeujworld: Yesterday was INCREDIBLE! Ice bucket challenge and single signings! Who’s going to Kingston today?! *👆meee* haha x 😁

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i love love love these HE DID THE 。◠ ‿ ◠。 FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^.^ omg i'm in love w u