i'm not letting go of you

because i love you ♡

stephanie ─ 20 ─ new jersey

union j stole my heart, but that's okay i guess they can keep it.

i follow back from xostephh

mostlygeorgeuj asked: "You're going to be fine, sweetness. You're going to find some new friends in your classes, and your whole outlook is going to change. You've been successful for seven months (Congratulations!), and you're not going to stop now. Remember, "you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, & smarter than you think" - Christopher Robin :-)"

thank you! I really hope so. I’m always nervous about making friends but hopefully it’s okay. If anything I just hope I don’t embarrass myself in front of anybody lol. Thank you again <3

seashelleyuj asked: "We really don't judge here. We all have our own problems and we get really upset too. So if you ever do feel down you can talk about it and we're all going to understand or even relate to your situation. But I hope this turns out to be a good year for you! :)"

thank you love! I’m really glad I have all of you guys here cus I feel so comfortable talking to you all, I don’t feel so alone <3

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don't mind me just being stressed out again


I think the thing I like about the Union J fandom is that we’re all just so chill. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, you’re just as accepted as people who’ve been around since X-Factor. I came in just before their first anniversary and just slipped right in. There’s almost never any drama and we get along with other fandoms and it’s such a breath of fresh air from my other fandoms.

I dunno, I just really love this fandom and everyone in it a whole lot.

Even if I get jealous of everyone across the pond in the UK.

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please stop being cute it makes my heart sad because i can’t nap with you

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ehem george shelley

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jaymi in denim is everything

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Anonymous asked: "This is not really a question but idk i'm bored too. I wish I would know the boys much before i became a fan, which was last may lol I just love them so much they're definetly unique"

aw, it’s okay! I know what you mean, they’re the type of people you wish you could’ve had in your life since the beginning of time, basically, hahaha. They are very unique, one of a kind, and I love it :)

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JCats let’s stick together, then we can do whatever and keep the song in the charts! We can make it! It’s not about the amount of people it’s about the love and support we spread, we’ve done amazing things so far and the boys have done beyond incredible things for us. Let’s make them never forget this summer, who knows what’s gonna happen next so c’mon! Gotta make this special! I know we can ❤️

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aw :3 i definitely agree like if someone's looking for new music or something totally link them to twlf! i know these weeks after the release week don't matter as much for charting but let's not just neglect them or anything

Anonymous asked: "what is georges snapchat?"

georgeujsnap :)

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