@GeorgeUJWorld: I just searched ‘Cat Burrito’ and this came up. Don’t ask… I don’t know weather to be scared or weep with joy 😂 x

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you are such a weirdo and i love you

"so i just searched ‘cat burrito’…." george shelley, what are we going to do with you

like oh no explanation just casually searching cat burritos george shelley weirdest kid

erm-1d-smiles: (before i start i am also the-jcat-blog if i haven't talked to you on here before) ahhhh omg congrats on your jj follow and having 4/4, i am sure you worked so hard for them and you are for sure their no1 american fan! X 

hiii! thank you so so so much, it means a lot to me :’) ♡

So, it’s been a year since Carry You came out. A year since I posted my very first Youtube cover EVER, and a year since this happened:


I don’t think anybody will ever have any idea how much that tweet meant to me, or how much it still means to me, or how much it’ll mean to me for the rest of my life. I’ve loved to sing for as long as I can remember, but I never thought I was really good at all. When I told people I wanted to be a singer, they’d just laugh at me and tell me to keep dreaming, as if they didn’t believe in me. So then I stopped believing in me. Even if people told me I had a nice voice, I wouldn’t believe them, or I’d think they were lying. When this song came out and they asked for people to cover it, I was terrified. But some of my friends convinced me to do it, so I did it, posted it, and almost deleted it because I was so nervous that one of the boys would somehow find it and cringe over it. But I didn’t delete it, and two days later they posted the Ur Turn tweet. I didn’t expect anything to happen when I tweeted them my video, but then they favorited my tweet. Sharting commenced. I thought that was my Beyonce moment and I was completely flipping out, it made me so happy and I didn’t think it could get any better. I was wrong. 4 hours later, while George was online, I was scrolling through my timeline and saw this tweet. My first reaction was “aw, that’s so nice!” and then I realized it was directed to me. Like, ME. ME??? No way. But it happened, and I couldn’t believe it. I still don’t believe it. The fact that one of my favorite people in the entire universe actually took the time out of his day to watch a video of me singing his song, and then for him to say I sounded nice and compliment me on my harmonies actually sent me over the moon. I didn’t think I was anything special at all, but this tweet kinda changed that. After this happened a ton of people tweeted me saying such lovely things about my singing and since then my video has gotten over 3 thousand views, and I could not be more grateful for that. This moment gave me so much confidence with not only singing, but just learning to love and appreciate myself in general. Obviously I still have my doubts, but it really helped me more than anyone will ever imagine. There’s also been a couple magazine articles where George has mentioned fan covers and to think I could have possibly made any lasting impression on him or on anybody because they like my voice just completely blows me away. Since then, I’ve posted 10 other covers and have gotten a total of over 6k views… just on videos of me singing in my bedroom for fun. And since then I’ve gotten the courage to sing my heart out everywhere, without worrying about other people think. I even got a lead role in my school musical, something I never thought would ever happen and something I probably wouldn’t even have gone out for if I didn’t have the confidence from all of this. I know I’m no Adele or Demi Lovato but singing is something I love doing and to be able to believe in myself and appreciate the small talent I have is something I wish I learned how to do a while ago. But I’m really glad that this happened, and I’ll never forget this moment. Ever. So thank you George for giving me the boost of confidence that I needed, and thank you to all the Union J boys for inspiring me to keep singing and for making such amazing music for me to sing along to. ♥

long post about how union j has positively influenced my life union j george shelley jaymi hensley jj hamblett josh cuthbert mine

wtfunionj: heyyy congrats for the follow!! :D 

thank you!! <3

youresoprettythatithurts: omg!!! congrats on your JJ follow Steph!! :3 they all follow you now right?!?! that's amazing!! :D ajandjsdn i'm so happy for you!! i'm so glad they all follow you now!! :')) <3 they obviously all think you're awesome which is very true~~ :3 xoxo 

gahh thank you! :D yeah they do all follow me now :O whoaaaowowowowowow I can’t actually believe it hahaha, so crazy, but thank you so much hehehee it means a lot to me :’) <3

georgeemonkey: I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU'VE GOT A JJ FOLLOW. CONRAAAATS :D do you mind to send him my twitter i've been trying really hard to get a 1/4 but never did ( (my twitter is @secretstoharry1 ) 

thank you so much! I don’t mind at all <3 Don’t give up!

jj followed me today and i’m over the moon about it ^.^ i was daydreaming about what would happen if he followed me while i was in class and then when i glanced at my phone i saw ‘@JJUJWorld is now following you!’ and yea i basically died it was awesome

if anyone ever wants me to message the boys and ask them to follow you just hit me up i'm so happy i can't believe he follows me now yayayayyyyyy

Fresh Ré and Union J - We Found Love

union j fresh re idk who these people are but wow this is really good

Fresh Re and Union J - We Found Love

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the other side of the snapchat haha LOOK AT HIM HE RADIATES SUNSHINE AND HAPPINESS AND ALL THINGS GOOD ABOUT THE WORLD george's impressed face is my favorite i hope he made it when he heard me sing probs not but a girl can dream ja feel